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Led String Lights

Of all the led string lights on the market Light Energy Designs carries the absolute best. We offer a variety of led light strings guaranteed to make your holiday season dazzle. You can pick and choose from the different colors and interesting bulb designs of our led string lighting. Many people prefer the super energy savings with our solar led string lights. While other prefer the traditional look associated with our warm and inviting red and gold C7 led lights. Perhaps you are looking for a set of led string lights that can be used throughout the year and that don't necessarily have to say Christmas. Look no further than our "G" series of led light strings. The G in this case stands for globe. Fun, festive or just straight up party is how to describe the look of the G series. If you want led string lights outdoor look no further because these are used both inside and out. The G series is definitely for the creative individual. Looking to barbeque, accent your deck or patio with our G25 led string lights in multi colors. Brighten up your shrubbery with our G12 warm white. Solar led string lights are not just beautiful to look upon but are also practical to use. There are many instances where customers would like to put up led light strings but lack a source of electricity and have to move them to a less suitable site or have long ugly extension cords running about their yard. This is no longer a reason not to have led string lights outdoor. Our solar panel lights come in the popular(and our most bright) style, the conical. The conical is small, about the size of the eraser on a pencil but puts out the most intense light of any of our led string lighting.