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C7 LED Christmas Lights

C7 led Christmas lights are the most prevalent of the outdoor led string lights. They are used indoors but with less frequency. Our standard grade C7 led lights are all 16.5 feet long, are 25 lights to a string and have 8 inch spacing. The wattage used by the entire C7 led light string is an infinitesimal 1.7 watts! This is an amazingly small number and represents very significant energy savings. UL standards on our C7 led Christmas lights say we can string together 210 watts which will equal 124 strings connected end to end into one normal outlet. What else is amazing about our C7 led lights is that those 124 strings will only use 2.3 amps. A normal outlet will take 15 amps before blowing a fuse, this means we could conceivably (but not recommended) string together from one outlet over two miles of C7 led Christmas lights all the while saving up to 98% in electricity use.
Light Energy Designs has all the colors of our C7 led Christmas lights to chose from. The peoples favorites tend to be the ever present multi color with our warm white led twinkle lights becoming more of a hit. Many of our landscapers customers value our C7 led lights in the commercial grade. A major reason for this are the accessories that can be purchased separately from the C7 led light. An example is what is known as a X tap. This tap will allow you to run a string of C7 led Christmas lights(or any of our commercial strings)up the side of a building and if needed then branch off in three different directions. The 8 way tap gives the C7 led lights 8 new directions. Anyone who has had to put string lights on an odd shaped house understands what a nightmare it can be with all of the extension cords that have to be run up and hidden from sight. The same is true when wrapping branches on a tree. When you come to a fork, simply put in a Y tap and keep wrapping those C7 led lights.