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LED Par Lights

Light Energy Designs is featuring a breakthrough technology in energy efficient lighting. Our led par lights are the first led lighting solution that incorporates new design features that adds thousands of hours to the life of our led par can lights. The design feature in our led par lights that enables this extremely long life is actually quite simple in concept: the fan. Some companies sell low quality led par lighting, their led lights have a tendency to fail prematurely after only a few thousand hours. The main cause of this failure is that heat is built up within the led par lighting and this destroys the led chip. Though they may be considered energy efficient lighting, their led par lights and led lighting products in general do not add anything to sustainability and definitely subtracts from your wallet. Our par 30 led lights for example are rated to last 50,000 hours while the fan itself within these led lights is rated at 70,000 ours. The fan does not detract from these energy efficient lights at all, in fact if you compare our led par can lights at 12 watts of power to an incandescent at 75 watts you can see Light Energy Designs is the company to turn to for your led lighting solutions. What becomes obvious is that these par 30 led lights put out the same amount of light as non led lights but will use only one sixth the power. Over the life of our led par lights you can expect to save hundreds of dollars in energy savings. Led par lighting is only one type of the many led lighting products that we offer. Energy efficient lights of all types from the amazing DIO 300bulb(an actual led light bulb)equal to 40 watts, to the DIO 400(another led light bulb) designed for led par can lights. Not to mention our great new led lights addition, the led T8.