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Christmas LED

Light Energy Designs is proud to present our full line of led Christmas lights. We use only the most advanced technology to ensure that your led holiday lights are of the highest quality. All of our led string lights are backed by an industry best three year warranty and each are hand checked at the factory so that you may feel confident with your purchase. Some examples of our most popular led Christmas lights are the led mini lights and our led icicle lights. Our led mini lights come in a gorgeous array of colors as well as standard and commercial grades. Standard grade led holiday lights are a direct replacement for the old incandescent lights and use the normal two pronged plug. They are UL approved to connect up to 88 strings end to end. Light Energy Designs also carries a commercial grade of led Christmas lights. These led string lights are UL approved to connect 88 strings too. The greatest difference between the two, is that the commercial grade lights use a much thicker wire and connect to each other using a coaxial connection for greater longevity. It is important to remember to add at least one adaptor to your order of commercial led mini lights. The adaptor is needed in order to actually plug the final string of led Christmas lights in to a wall or extension cord. Some of our led Christmas lights only come in the standard grade. The led icicle lights and led rock lights are perfect examples of this. Not to worry, these tough led holiday lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also rated to last as long as the other led string lights at 200,000 hours, this equates to over twenty two years of continuous use. In order to help reach that 22 year mark Light Energy Designs incorporates a number of unique elements to our led Christmas lights. First each led chip is encased in a protective molding, then this is fused with the desired bulb structure(C6, led mini lights, led icicle lights etc.) A one-piece construction prevents any of the elements from getting inside and thus protects the chip. This creates an extremely safe product and protects the life span of the LED chip. This construction renders the led string lights practically indestructible, which also protects the product from vandalism. The bulb itself is made of a very durable plastic that is colored through and through not just dipped. Having the color infused in this way helps each bulb resist fading and retain its true color.