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LED Par 38

Light Energy Designs is a nationwide leader in led lighting. A great reason for this is the high quality led light products that we offer to the public such as the led par 38. A PAR light or simply PAR is a parabolic aluminized reflector lamp. Our par 38 led spotlight bulbs are in fact not real pars but are a led lighting type designed to be its direct replacement. Led par 38 bulbs are a type of lamp that is widely used in commercial, residential, and transportation illumination. Usage includes locomotive headlamps, aircraft landing lights, and residential and commercial down lights as well as recessed can lights. The led par 38 is identical in principle to sealed beam automobile headlights, focusing light to achieve a certain level of light intensity in a given cone. Our led par 38 is designed for use in residential and commercial buildings. While this style of led lighting can used both indoors and outdoors, it is recommended that if these par 38 led lights are used outdoors, they should be enclosed in a recessed can or in a site protected from direct exposure from the elements. The led par 38 is in the complete sense energy efficient lighting. It brings to bare powerful illumination equivalent to a 75 watt halogen bulb. Even while putting out this much light, the par 38 led spotlight bulb uses a scant 19 watts of power. It would take 4 of these led par 38 bulbs to equal the electrical use of just one of the old halogen lights. The return on investment of the par 38 led lights shows that they will pay for themselves within twenty two months. Considering an eight hour a day use and a likely life span from twelve to 17 years any initial upfront investment will be well worth it.