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LED Par 30

There is a continuing question when it comes to led home lighting, how does the led par 30 match up against the CFL? The par 30 led bulb and the non led light CFL are roughly equal as energy efficient lights. Both put out the same light as an old 70 watt incandescent and both use only 19 watts themselves. This where the similarity ends. Our par 30 led lights have a very long lifespan rated at 50,000 hours. The CFL however has a very odd lifespan. The CFL can last 8,000 hours under perfect conditions. A couple of conditions that effect the life span of CFLs and not the led par 30 include temperature and frequency of use. When using the CFL, the temperature must stay over twenty degrees or there is reduced life span. The par 30 led light bulb can withstand far colder temperatures. Another way to shorten the life of the CFL is to simply use it. The best way for your CFL to last is to turn it on and then keep it on. If you use it as you would our led par 30, that is, as a light, you will become disappointed. If a CFL is turned on and not left on for at least 15 minutes its life is greatly reduced. The use of the led par 30 within your system of led home lighting makes perfect sense. The color "temperature" of our par 30 led bulb is also a great reason to chose it over the CFL. The CFL can be a very harsh light to look upon. Our par 30 led lights come in a very pretty cool white that illuminates without irritating the eyes and is great to read by. The other color temperature that we offer with this style of led home lighting is our warm white. The warm white is easily the most popular of the two.