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LED Par 20

When it comes to energy efficient lighting there is the question as to how our led par 20 compares to the non led lights on the market. To say favorably is a gross understatement and does not do justice to the par 20 led light bulb. Led flood lights such as our led par 20 will use just a little over 12 watts of energy while the halogen non led par 20 uses 60 watts of energy. Most people do not think of energy efficient lighting in terms of wattage but in terms of dollars. Consider that over its very long lifespan one par 20 led light will save you $357.36. Now think if you, like most people, will use about 12 par 20 led lights in your home what the saving will be. In the average home, over their life span, our energy efficient lights will save you $4,288. The US Department Of Energy has reported that commercial buildings expend over half of their expenses on electricity costs. Lighting costs consume 86% of all commercial building electrical expenses. If commercial buildings would switch to energy efficient lights such as par 20 led light bulb, the savings could be in the thousands of dollars a year. All of our led flood lights consume small amounts of electricity but the led par 20 compares the most favorably to its non led light counterpart. Another hidden cost that affects the par 20 led light the least is actual maintenance. Led flood lights as well as the led par 20 are frequently placed in recessed cans located on the extremely high ceilings of commercial buildings. The costs diverted to maintenance crews changing out par 20 led lights is one tenth the cost of the halogen. The obvious reason for this is that a par 20 led light bulb will last 50,000 hours or 10 times longer than the halogen!