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Energy Efficient Lighting

Light Energy Designs is committed to energy efficient lighting. The best way to see this commitment is to view the huge array of energy efficient lights that we offer on our website. You will see a wide range of holiday, Christmas and decorative led light strings. We also carry what is known as "solid state", an example of an energy efficient light that has taken the green industry by storm. The importance of energy efficient led lights cannot be overstated. The burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity can be greatly reduced and thus the pollution that goes with that can also be greatly reduced with something as simplistic as the use of our energy efficient holiday lights.
Energy efficient lighting is our goal, that is why we sell only led string lights that use up to 98% less electricity that the old incandescent ones . No other company can boast of such energy efficient holiday lights. We are able use such little power and still generate such pretty colored lights by use of the LED. As an energy efficient light nothing beats the LED. LED stand for light emitting diode. This is simply a chip that has been infused with chemical gasses that give off light when electricity passes through it. With these energy efficient lights there are no filaments to burn, in fact there is no burning at all and very little heat. The term solid state lighting simply refers to energy efficient led lights that you would find in your home or office. Common examples of these are the MR16, GU10, PAR 20, PAR 38 and PAR 30 led light. While most of these use about 80-85% less electricity, the gu10 led is a fine example of energy efficient lighting. The gu10 led uses only 5% of the power of its halogen counterpart. Consider the ramifications if everyone tried using energy efficient lights. In your home, a drop of 85% of your lighting costs would be a considerable benefit.