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Colorwave LED Lights

Here at Light Energy Designs we love to bring new lights to the market and the latest is our colorwave led lights. Our colorwave lights are simply an engineering marvel. They are lights that change color right before your eyes. A fine example of our colorwave Christmas lights is the C6 red to blue. These lights will change slowly from red through the color spectrum and end up the beautiful and brilliant sapphire blue. You can connect up to 88 colorwave led lights strings together and they will all change at the same time. These colorwave led Christmas lights can really startle people the first time, as they would swear that the house they just saw was lit in green and when they look back it is now the dazzling ruby red.
Our colorwave led lights are sold in three different bulb types: mini led lights, C6 strawberry lights and our C7 led lights. The mini led lights and the C6 strawberry colorwave lights come in strings of 35 lights with a four inch spacing and are 11.5 feet long. These are UL approved to string together 88 end to end. Our C7 colorwave led lights come in strings of 50 lights each with twelve inch spacing and a length of 50 feet. These colorwave Christmas lights are UL approved to connect 44 end to end.
Perhaps the most popular of our colorwave lights is the C6 blue to green. All of the colors in this gorgeous spectrum really hit home making a visual impact that stays with you.The next most popular of our colorwave lights is the blue to white in C6 strawberry. These are simply fascinating to watch as they turn from one color to the next. When these colorwave led lights are snow covered they really become a joy to behold. The C7 colorwave lights are particularly popular with the landscaping segment since they are both decorative and have extra long footage that is sometimes needed.