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Decorative Lights

Where do you turn to for decorative lights when decking out your home for Saint Patty's Day? When you need a gorgeous shade of emerald green led lighting look to Light Energy Designs. How about Independence day and red white and blue decorative party lights? Same place, and the reason is, we carry decorative holiday lights for every occasion. Saint Valentines, red in every shape you can want, breast cancer awareness, pink, orange Halloween lights, gold and warm white pine cones for Thanksgiving and the largest selection of decorative lights for Christmas you can find. Some of the shapes of our decorative party lights really add to each occasion. This is especially true of the G25. These round lights always go well with parties since they instill a festive look as opposed to a Christmas/holiday appearance. For any Halloween party I would definitely suggest going with the G25 orange. These decorative holiday lights add just the right amount of festive dazzle and look great in the dark. Of course this is led lighting so you do not have to worry about any significant energy increase, so go to town and really light up your place. Other types of decorative lights include out star lights, the funky rock lights, beautiful and delicate snow flake lights. A couple versions of led lighting that uses absolutely no electricity are led battery operated lights. We carry tiny but bright battery operated star lights and micro dots which go great with all of our decorative party lights. Another great idea is our new snowman light kits. Build your snowman and then light it up for everyone to see! This comes with eyes, nose, mouth and buttons that are actually led lights. When you consider our low prices, high quality and great warranties Light Energy Designs is the one place to go for all your decorative holiday lights.